Praxis für Privatpatienten und Selbstzahler

Praxis für Privatpatienten und Selbstzahler

Bioresonance Therapy
Do you suffer from fatigue, pain, infections or allergies?

Improved health can be yours with bioresonance – we know how to bring balance to your body

For decades now, bioresonance therapy has been an internationally recognised naturopathic diagnostic and therapeutic method. This gentle, restorative technique is also an alternative to conventional medical therapies. We apply it in our practice to achieve long-term treatment success.

insights gained from quantum physics and holistic medicine can improve your well-being

In the seventies, physicists discovered that the human body has an electromagnetic field.

They found that each and every cell and organ have their own electromagnetic frequency. When this is disrupted, for instance by external influences like stress or pollution, our whole system is thrown out of sync.

This can put a strain on the body or even cause it to become sick.

What makes us sick?

Our body is a complex system, consisting of billions of cells. This complexity is the reason why even minor disturbance can affect the whole system.

External disturbances such as

Operations, pollution, medication, nicotine, alcohol, stress, can disrupt the balance of our system.

The bioresonance device measures the electromagnetic frequencies and restores their balance.

Both diagnosis and treatment are completely painless and are suitable for all patients.

Successful ENT treatments using bioresonance

Many patients want relaxed, painless and medication-free treatment –
we fulfil this wish whenever possible!

In our ENT specialist practice, we treat patients with bioresonance for ENT-related medical problems such as:

  • Allergies (pollen, house dust, pet hair)
  • Weakened immune system
  • Mental and physical exhaustion
  • Chronic and recurring infections
  • Sudden hearing loss and tinnitus

For our patients, bioresonance therapy is a pleasant experience that leaves them feeling relaxed and balanced afterwards

Although this naturopathic method is still not recognised in traditional medicine, we use bioresonance therapy in our ENT specialist practice as a valuable supplementary technique in finding the causes and treating our patients.

Bioresonance therapy for children with ENT-related medical problems

At times, treatment with traditional medicine and medication is refused as a matter of principle. Concerned parents ask us for alternative options when it comes to their children.

There are also times when children are afraid of treatment or refuse to take medicine.

In cases like these bioresonance can be a good alternative, depending on the ailment.

We want you and your children to get well. This is best achieved in a relaxed atmosphere and with a personalised treatment plan.

Express your wishes. We are here to listen and serve you.

We will be happy to answer your questions about bioresonance therapy, costs and duration of each individual treatment, now also during our special consultation hours.

Simply make an appointment for a personal consultation, by calling us at 030 892 99 42.