Praxis für Privatpatienten und Selbstzahler

Praxis für Privatpatienten und Selbstzahler


Interview with Dr. Rüdiger Kuhnke, ENT Specialist on Kurfürstendamm, Berlin and practice owner

Dr. Kuhnke,
What exactly does an ear, nose, and throat specialist treat?

As an ENT/ORL Specialist, my medical expertise is in the diagnosis and treatment of the throat, nose, and ear areas. This includes, for example, the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx and vocal cords, sinuses, and the outer, middle, and inner ear. But I also examine the blood vessels and nerves of these areas. In addition to consultation and diagnosis, I also perform surgical procedures and, together with my team, accompany the patient throughout the entire healing process until they are fully recovered.

Why are you specifically concerned with the topic of stress?

We all experience stress, whether it is job-related or for personal reasons. Stress can often cause infections, especially in the head and neck area. We constantly overexert ourselves and do not listen to our bodies. During extreme and prolonged stress, our immune system can no longer successfully resist pathogens and eventually gives up. As a result, we become ill.

As an ENT-doctor, how can you help me?

Most importantly, my job is to make sure that you quickly recover and get well. This can only be achieved by listening to you and conducting a thorough examination to determine the cause.

But I can do more. For instance, I can help you to help yourself and find ways to reduce your personal stress level.

How do you go about determining the cause?

With various tests, such as stress test, heart rate variability measurement, blood and bowel examination. I find out what the cause of your illness is in order to treat you successfully.

We then support this individual therapy with supplementary measures, such as infusion therapy (Vitamin C Infusions), colon cleansing or, if desired, targeted stress management.

These measures stabilise your immune system and to help you avoid getting ill in the future.

What is stress management?

I am convinced of the benefits of holistic medicine. In order to treat each patient individually, we need different therapies and measures.

If it is a matter of eliminating the cause of a disease, cooperation with other specialists has often proved successful. In addition to medical specialists, these experts can be coaches, therapists, and nutritionists. They show us how we can help ourselves with relaxation techniques, meditation, breathing exercises and a healthy diet.

In my own experience, breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, and a high-energy diet help to cope better with the stress of everyday life and to get through stressful work phases.

As your ENT/ORL Specialist in Berlin (Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf) on the centrally located Kurfürstendamm, my team and I have made it our priority to be there for our patients and also to advise them on preventive measures. This means that we take our time, we provide assistance on how to prevent diseases, how to continuously replenish your energy reserves, and how to manage your stress during difficult times.

Schedule an appointment for your consultation. We are committed to finding the treatment best suited for each individual patient.

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