Praxis für Privatpatienten und Selbstzahler

Praxis für Privatpatienten und Selbstzahler


Are you sick all the time? How to get rid of the annoying “constant cold”.

Before you know it, a change in the weather is on the horizon. It brings a cold along with it that makes itself at home in our nasal passages and sinuses. For adults, two to four infections a year are normal. These usually do not last longer than a maximum of 3 weeks. If an infection remains for 3 months or even permanently, it is called chronic. If it keeps coming back, this is called a recurrent infection.

TreatmentChronic Infections

Infections in the nasal and sinus region (rhinosinusitis) often show up as a stuffy nose, fatigue, exhaustion, feeling of pressure, phlegm build-up, and headaches.

The symptoms can be of varying severity in a permanent illness, but can remain persistent and therefore significantly restrict our quality of life.

What causes frequent infections?

Stress can lead to a weakened immune system, which no longer protects us successfully. But our decreased ability to resist infection can be due to anatomical problems, such as narrowed sinus passages. Other causes can be gastro-intestinal diseases or food intolerance.

How are they treated?

Detailed analysis and diagnostics enable your ENT Specialist in Berlin to find the appropriate therapy for each individual patient and develop a tailor-made treatment plan. We offer a wide range of options, from a variety of naturopathic approaches to traditional ENT therapies (see also infusion therapy).

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