Praxis für Privatpatienten und Selbstzahler

Praxis für Privatpatienten und Selbstzahler

Acupuncture Patches
they stick, but don’t prick

Ancient medical knowledge meets nanotechnology

Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture are two of the oldest medical therapies in the world and are invaluable when it comes to regulating the energy flow in the body.

LifeWave Biophotone patches

… feature a revolutionary technology that makes it possible to stimulate acupuncture points WITHOUT NEEDLES. These tiny patches are non-transdermal and drug-free. They stimulate acupuncture points as well as pain points using the reflection of light frequencies in the cell (biophotons) and send them throughout the body via the meridians.

We work with these patches in our practice in order to enhance certain medical treatments (detoxification therapies, stress and pain therapies, infections and sleep disorders).

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